Monday, November 1, 2010

recaps of the last six weeks

an anniversary moon

an anniversary rainbow

and anniversary blooms

An anniversary.
came and went.  dawned and dusked.  ebbed and flowed.  yinned and yanged. 
I love the anniversary wish list of traditional gifts; I love reaping anniversary gifts of chrome, wood, iron, steel and leather.  Especially, if that anniversary gift is a brand new shiny vehicle with a big red bow and KEYS!

However, it is really the "list" that I find very unique. 

Math Problem #1:  Let's say you are married 1x @ 5 years; 2x @ 8 years; 3x @ 11 years.  Which gift-year would you get on the third marriage on the eleventh year not including 1 year of dating? 
A.  Steel     B.  Opal     C.  Musical Instrument     D.  Silver

Year        Traditional (U.S.)       Traditional (U.K.)       Modern (U.S.)     Some of my ideas 
1st                Paper                       Cotton                             Clocks                Basically, what     
2nd              Cotton                      Paper                              China                   WIFEY-poo
3rd               Leather                     Leather                          Crystal, Glass      WANTS 
4th               Linen, Silk               Fruit/Flower                  Appliances             
5th               Wood                     Wooden                         Silverware                
6th               Iron                         Sugar                              Wood objects         
7th               Wool, Copper        Woollen                         Pen/ Pencil sets
8th               Bronze                     Salt                                 Linens, Lace
9th               Pottery, China        Copper                          Leather goods
10th            Tin, Aluminum       Tin                                  Diamond jewelry
11th            Steel                                                                Fashion jewelry, accessories
12th            Silk                           Silk/ Fine Linen            Pearls, Colored gems
13th            Lace                                                                Textiles, Furs
14th            Ivory                                                               Gold jewelry
15th            Crystal                    Crystal                           Watches
16th            Tourmaline                                                    Silver Holloware
17th            Furniture                                                       Furniture
18th            Turquoise                                                     Porcelain

19th            Aquamarine                                                 Bronze
20th            China                     China                             Platinum
21st                                                                                  Brass, Nickel
22nd                                                                                 Copper
23rd                                                                                  Silver plate
24th           Opal                                                               Musical Instruments
25th           Silver                       Silver                            Silver
30th           Pearl                        Pearl                             Diamond
35th           Coral, Jade             Coral                             Jade
40th           Ruby                       Ruby                            Ruby
45th           Sapphire                                                      Sapphire
50th           Gold                       Gold                              Gold
55th           Emerald                                                        Emerald
60th          Diamond (Yellow)  Diamond                     Diamond
65th          Blue Sapphire                                              Star Sapphire (Gray)
70th          Platinum
75th         Diamond, Gold                                            Diamond, Gold
80th         Oak 
***  notice there isn't even a gift suggestion for the 90th year?!
***  the jewelry companies would prefer bling to be added before the 25th anniversary
***  however, modern US #10 states "DIAMOND" but, ladies, do not wait til #10 to trade-up because by year 10 you will have too many committments tying up your dollars.  Get the DIAMOND before you get married!!
***  was this list compiled by a male?
***  a musical instrument on the 24th anniversary because one or both of you is hard of hearing by then.

 A simple new list:
Year                 HIS preference           Her preference
1st                     leather/lace                  jewelry
2nd                    see above                    car
3rd                    see above                     house
4th                    see above                     plus enhancements
5th                    see above                     see above
6th - 100th        see above                     see above

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