Wednesday, May 11, 2011

on vacation.


Not really a vacation, but a mental vacation.  A mental no-blogging vacation.

So we have been to six birthday parties, one soccer post-season party, one tennis post-season party, one gymnastics party, one ranch (a glorified farm -- for those of you from the north/midwest) party, two church parties, one mommy party, two mommy events, 14 doctor appointments ... all in eight days. 

And to add a cherry ...

I discovered that one of my girls is a scientist.  Yes, at this early undefined age, she is performing science experiments.  And.  I drink.

Recently, one of her experiments involved CAUSE and EFFECT.


Where will an object go ... IF I SWALLOW IT?  ON PURPOSE.

Why does the object NOT resurface immediately upon swallowing it?  Why doesn't the object just drop out my bottom?  You know, like a straw??  In one end and out the other end.

How come I can't see my object?

When will I find it?

and the effect of mommy's plea:

What in the HELL did you swallow?

How many Matrushka Dolls tell me do you see?
one. two. three. four. five.
five Matrushka Dolls.
they are orange.

How many Matrushka Dolls tell me do you see?
one. two. three. four.
four Matrushka Dolls.
they are red.

Four?  Four?  Oh My God!
Where's the baby Russian Doll?

"She's sleeping in my belly."

Thursday, May 5, 2011

world news

First there is the national coverage on the tornadoes that have devoured regions of the south.
And this is a very sad reality.
Plus, how can one really be safe in the south when basements do NOT exist?? 

Then there is the Royal Wedding.  William and Catherine.
With round-the-clock coverage. 
It was a beautiful wedding.
And for all you with your own wedding opinions, that is just what they are, opinions. 

Now, Osama bin Laden has died?!
And this is a very happy reality.
If it is true?
Is it?
I have heard so many differing accounts as to his death that I stopped listening to the news after the first three hours and that was three days ago.  So my post may be totally incorrect.  And I am aware of that possibility.
So, do they have his body? 
Was it, in fact, lost at sea?
And if not; who, what, where, when, how need to be addressed.   I believe the "why" has been covered.  What type of proper burial will take place?  What is proper for an evil, crazed maniac?

Just give us the facts.  No probabilities.  No maybes.  No supposes.  No ifs. 

Back in 2008 during the Presidential Campaign, bumper stickers were produced and adhered to many vehicles.  The democratic campaign:  Obama / Biden

And the only thing I could see in that bumper sticker:

An anagram.  Yes, an anagram.

Osama bin Laden = Obama / Biden

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

no caving in

For six days, I tried to get my "Middle Little" to visit the Easter Bunny. 
We would dress up.
We would have a special treat.
We would bribe.
We would be hopeful.

"Middle Little" did dress up.
She did inhale her special treat.
She accepted the bribe.
We were still hopeful.

We would all load into the car.
We would complete the anticipated drive.
We would locate the bunny.

"Middle Little" would retreat to fear.
And lay on the floor with her eyes covered.

Six days.  And I got nothing. 

Maybe next year???

Or maybe not.  Because somehow, "Middle Little" believes the
Easter Bunny is going to put her in the FIRE.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

every year, I say the same thing... "I love bluebonnets".  They are such a beautiful sight in spring as winter disappears for another year and as summer begins to heat up. 

if you ever get the chance to go to Texas, take it from me, don't pass it by...

although... I do have a crush on Texas.
But... I also have a crush on thousands of other places to call home.

actually, I love every town/city/state/country that I visit.  I imagine myself living there.  I peruse classifieds for homes to buy and jobs to obtain.  I learn the layout of the land... because you never know... I may just find myself living in Paris, Arkansas.  Or Hell, Michigan.  Or Bend, Oregon.  Or New Heidelberg, Minnesota.  Or Timbuktu, Vermont.  Or New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

But for now...
Here's to the Texas Bluebonnets!

Monday, May 2, 2011

mooooo. moooo.

My view in Texas does not include highways or skyscrapers. 

It's city living with Cows and Oil Rigs.  That's right!

Cows next to WalMart.  Yup!

It's oil rigs across from JoAnn Fabrics.  It's true!

Even saw a coyote ... at WalMart.  Really!

And a camel next to Home Depot.  Honest!

God Bless Texas!