Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What I Have Realized

...that on school holidays, when all 5.3 of us exist in one common area called the "home", I have realized this:

There is NOT enough CAFFEINE in the house to get me through a day!  Coffee, hot tea, iced tea, diet coke... really, it's just NOT enough!   My body does not even respond to anything less than 52 ounces of some sort of caffeine. 

But on the flip side, my bladder is probably thankful.

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

What we're really talking about is
a wonderful day set aside on the fourth
Thursday of November when
no one diets.  I mean, why else
would they call it THANKSGIVING?

{Erma Bombeck}

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Today I am thankful for sounds.  The gift of hearing.  Selective or Not. 

*I am thankful for the humming of purrs. 
*The gentle breathing of children and pets. 
*The music streaming from the radio.  Well, preferably my radio and not the radio of the car who is three lanes over.
*The ringing of the telephone.  The consistent tone that reminds you to give a silent nod of thanks to Alexander Graham Bell.  With all the texting going on, one can forget to be thankful for the simple non-ring-tone telephone rings.
*The familiar sound of the garage door opening.  It tells me that my husband is home.  Family time begins.  The memories flow as we sit down to dine together and share our day.  I am thankful for the garage doors.  And particularly thankful that I have only hit two out of three. 
*The pitter patter sound of rain on the rooftop. 

Today, I am thankful.

Only two more days until Thanksgiving Day!
And only three more days until BLACK FRIDAY!!
{Is your shopping list ready?}

Monday, November 21, 2011


Because life is so busy ... and my kitchen floor ALWAYS has *stuff* on it from every meal, every in-between meal, every pre-meal and every post-meal.  I am THANKFUL for SWIFFER.  The quicker mopper.  Because God and I know that it is impossible to spend three hours thoroughly-on-my-hands-and-knees mopping every day!

One day, not that long ago... I used 24 Swiffers in one mopping.  Is that a record?  It should be a record!!  It's not like I used 24 Swiffers in an entire 5,000 square foot, all-tiled, home.  It was in ONE room; the kitchen, with 24 Swiffers, and the Mother. 
{CLUE should have a new domesticated theme for MOMMIES!}

I am also thankful for the smooth, rich, creamy, warm taste of Nestle Hot Chocolate.  Hot Chocolate is a great beginning to any day.  Add a handful of mini marshmallows.  Ahhh!  Perfect.

GU is a great addition to any length of run.  GU gets me through when my legs feel like running home.  And my feet grow heavy.  And my knees start shaking.  And my lungs are exhaling faster.  And my head shouts NO.  But remember:  It's the run that counts!  A run to start your day.  Or evening.  I am thankful for GU! 
I love LED.  Love, love, love.  LED lights up my life!  These wireless LED portrait lights are a fantastic invention.   No more cords hanging above/below your beloved portraits or paintings or pictures.  {I found these on!!}  I am thankful for LED. 

And I am thankful for  They are so sweet to send enticing travel adventures to my *inbox*.  Adventures I consider, contemplate, and dream about.  Did you know I can fly to Madrid for roughly the same price that I can fly to Milwaukee??  Madrid is sounding like an excellent travel destination.  I love Madrid.  Hmmm.... maybe I can take my daughter to Madrid for her birthday?!   And as a close second, Milwaukee would be *fun* too!

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Giving thanks. 
There may be days that it seems difficult to come with just one reason to be thankful.  Especially if a person is going through a difficult time.  A death?  An illness?  A divorce?  A funk?  A depression?  A hangover?

Or perhaps a dryspell.  Anonalcoholickindofdryspell.

So for day 5, I give thanks for laughter.   The sound of laughter.  The teary-eyed-effects of laughter.  The look of laughter. 

A:  What are you wearing?
B:  Shorts.
A:  What kind of shorts are those?  A brown kind?
B:  They are shorts.
A:  The UGLY kind?
B:  What?
A:  Well, they sure are AWFUL?
A:  Is AWFUL a naughty word?  Can I use that word?
B:  These shorts are also called 'hand-me-downs' AND you will see these in your room someday.

My youngest started walking at a very young age.  10 months.  Fluent walking.  And we find her in the strangest places on an hourly basis.  The bathroom sink.  The desk top.  The cat tower.  The fireplace hearth.  The beds.  The workbench.  The patio table.  The mini trampoline which is on top of the patio table (we moved it up there so the littlest little would not be tempted to jump on it after she escaped through the cat door).  And we laugh.  And take photos.

And if finding humor is a bit of a chore today... watch TV... the laugh tracks may MAKE YOUR DAY!!


Thursday, November 17, 2011


Today I give thanks for number Four... the oil rigs that create our skyline. 

Oil drilling is new to me.  It is not something I am familiar with since I grew up in a state that did not drill for oil in my neighborhood.  Oil rigs are fascinating because you do not have to drive far to see one or even, twenty-five. 

We can drive to Target, Costco, Chili's, McDonalds, WalMart, Sam's, and Taco Bell -- all in a two mile radius.  In that two mile radius, there are four oil rigs.  Neighborhood, Oil rig, Neighborhood, Target, Oil rig, Neighborhood, Long Horns, Apartments, Chilis, Oil rig, Neighborhood, WalMart, Sam's, Cattle, Neighborhood, Oil rig...

Giving thanks for the new skyline.  And the Long Horns (the cattle)!  For This is Home. 

Give Thanks for the place you call home. 

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Giving thanks for the little things today.  The small things.  The itsy bitsy things. 
The things that matter to you -- and possibly, only you -- nevertheless, they matter.

The quick, natural smile from your child.
The email from a friend, who just wanted to say hello.
The phone call from a cousin, who just wanted to wish you a "happy-anything-kind-of-day".
The muffins from a student who wanted to say "thankful for you...".
The snack from a coworker who just wanted to share (the calories).
The goodnight kiss from your spouse.
The goodnight hugs from your child.
The purr from your feline.
The lick from your canine.
The perfect trash find by the curb.
The "couldn't pass up" bargain while shopping.
The jeans that still fit.

And, giving thanks for even these little things...

The fleas from your neighbor's pet.
The curses from the driver who cut you off.
The driveling blah, blah, blahs from a friend amidst her third divorce.
The coincidence that a cousin married on her father's birthday (apparently she wants to remember that date forever even through her divorce proceedings?!)
The irony that another friend married her second cousin (is that even legal??)
The sarcasm that wants to get the last word.
The unsolicited help from people.

And I am Thankful on Day Three.

Friday, November 11, 2011


I love celebrating holidays.
'Tis the Season!

I am thankful that I have three sweet girls to help me plan, prepare, create, and celebrate. 
The girls have chosen picture #2.  An edible turkey.  
We will be making this adorable turkey to quench our appetites as we prepare the big meal.  
His name will be "sweetheart lippies".  
(I, honestly, cannot even begin to explain that one...)

What are your Thanksgiving Day plans?

{Make a wish -- it is exactly, 11/11/11 at 1:11 am)
{Make another wish -- it will be, 11/11/11 at 11:11am, 1:11pm, and 11:11pm}

Thursday, November 10, 2011

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, which is coming soon -- I am fairly certain.  Because IF I knew the current date, without having to calculate back to August to get to today, then I would be able to inform you of the 14 days available.

And that brings us to ... TODAY.

Today, I give thanks. 

I am sincerely grateful for MR. CLEAN'S MAGIC ERASER!  Particularly thankful that they arrive in a package of two.  A six-pack would be desirable.  But since a few "6-pack cleaners" are minimally sporting two-packs after bearing children, a "two-pack" is more apropos!  Or could the two-pack symbolize the "one for each hand" cliche?  I wonder...

Mr. Clean has taken up permanent residence in my home -- he resides in a well-appointed closet.  Always within reach.  Always available.

Since Mr. Clean exists and delivers as promised, I am also thankful that my little one only covered 8 out of 323 tiles with a RED SHARPIE!!  Yes, that's ONLY 2% of the flooring.   A small number overall.  And, I am still smiling after this kind of day ... a close your eyes, count to ten, and be grateful kind of day. 

**The best news is that ... I was really growing weary of those tiles.**  

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Daylight Savings

DON'T Forget TO Set BACK Your Clocks BY One HOUR! 

We get an extra hour!  Yay!  We deserve that extra hour!  What will you do with your extra hour on Sunday?  Relax.  The gym.  A longer run.  A more time-consuming recipe.  More TV.  A jigsaw puzzle.  A project.  Decorate for the holidays.
The good news is that we get to sleep an extra hour. 
The bad news is that we will have to begin imbibing later on Sunday.

Friday, November 4, 2011

It's Friday!


And... "WINE O'CLOCK"... sums it up!

Sometimes, "Wine O'Clock" arrives earlier and earlier.  Especially after toddler days that are quite humorous.   And perhaps, a bit draining. 
"No, don't throw my keys in the toilet."
"No, don't scream and point -- use your words (the good words)." 

Although, I think I am being a downer with all the "No Words".  Let's try something new...

"Yes, let's see if the keys will float -- never mind that the remote will no longer work!"
"Yes, let's all scream and point -- I hope it works for me, too!"
"Yes, let's all pull out every single toy in our home and leave them out.  First one to break a leg -- gets ice cream every day for a week!"

Last night, according to my toddler -- any event that happened in the past is announced as last night, at bedtime the toddler decided to experiment with mouth noises.  Loud noises -- like distorted raspberries.  Loud obnoxious blowing bubblish kind of noises. 

After each newly created noise, she would ask, "Daddy, does the kitty like this noise?"
And after each question regarding her noise, Daddy did not respond.  Apparently, he thought that if he did not say anything then she would just stop with the noise making.  However, with this toddler, that does not work.  Because she is like the little energizer bunny... and she will keep going and going and going... until she receives an answer. 

We are up to the umpteenth noise and recurring question, "Daddy, does the kitty like this noise?"

And finally... AN ANSWER:


{Toddler grew very quiet.  And she quietly said, "But I do!"}

And I laughed.  And laughed.  Because sometimes life is just really funny.  Well, maybe not to everyone...and I suppose you had to be there... but it was really funny.  And I still laugh.  And toddler, she is great at retelling the story!  And I continue to laugh every time she retells the "noise story".

Thursday, November 3, 2011


APPARENTLY, the FLU VACCINE does not cover this virus/ailment.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011


The BYOB art class that includes a bit of paint, a couple of brushes, and a blank canvas.

{plus... ice buckets, bottle openers, and glasses that clink are provided for your painting pleasure!!}

Recently, my darling husband and I celebrated an anniversary.  It wasn't the silver nor was it the golden, according to tradition, but I consider all of our anniversaries "golden" because it is such a delight to reflect upon and remember our special day.   I loved my wedding day. 

For a celebration in honor of our day, we decided to PAINT.  We were each given a blank canvas.  And one person painted the night scene while the other person painted the day scene. 

We had such a blast.  We painted, and painted, and painted.
And then we created, and created, and created.

We decided to create our paintings with personal touches...
We hid little symbols within our art...
Symbols that represented our other half...
That only "we" would know about...
Like a little secret...
With a smiling heart!

this is the perfect memory for an anniversary!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I love All Saints Day -- today, November 1st -- because it reminds me of the eternal fun to come.  The Bonus:  more treats!  Oh, and a great way to teach children about some lesser known Saints. 

Trick or Treating in Heaven!

All the Saints have their porch lights on and they are ready to welcome us with a bit of their own personal history.  The fun part is guessing what "treat" the Saint is offering. 

Let's meet the Saints with their porch lights on: 

PS  Don't SPEND too much time knocking on DOOR #4!! Or DOOR #13!!

1.    Saint Therese of Lisieux - the patron saint of missions; her namesake "little rose"
TREAT:  a rose

2.    Saint Joseph - the patron saint of carpenters/workers
TREAT:  a toy hammer

3.    Saint Nicholas - the patorn saint of giving (he's the original Santa Claus!!)
TREAT:  a stocking filled with a spinning top and a tic-tac-toe game

4.    Saint Martin of Tours - the patron saint of drunkards

5.    Saint George - the patorn saint of England and Catalonia
TREAT:  a little toy army man

6.    Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha - the patron saint of the environment
TREAT:  a feather (to honor her Native American heritage)

7.    Saint Martin de Porres - the patron saint of barbers
TREAT:  an elastic hair band

8.    Saint Martha - the patron saint of cooks
TREAT:  a cookie, or three

9.    Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini - the patron saint of immigrants
TREAT:  a small American flag (to honor the very FIRST U.S. citizen saint)

10.  Saint Lucy - the patron saint against eye diseases
TREAT:  sunglasses

11.  Saint Cosmas and Saint Damian - the patron saint of medicine
TREAT:  a bandaid

12.  Saint Cecelia - the patron saint of music
TREAT:  a recorder

13.  Saint James the Great - the patron saint of Spain
TREAT:  a gold coin (to support his wallet representation because MONEY is more fun than another flag)

14.  Saint Dorothy - the patron saint of Cappadocia
TREAT:  flowers (to represent the flowers sent to Theophilis - the man who mocked this martyr)

15.  Saint Peter - the patron saint of workers
TREAT:  a key (to represent "the keys to the kingdom of heaven")

16.  Saint Petronilla - the patron saint against fever
TREAT:  a candy bar (to honor her hunger strike that led to death)