Saturday, August 15, 2009

... in stitches (literally)

13:00 Petra goes down for an afternoon nap

14:00 Victoria takes a shower/shampoo after an afternoon of swimming and sunscreen

15:00 Mom (guess that would be me) irons a school uniform

15:30 Victoria cleans up the playroom before getting ready to go "Meet the Teacher"

15:45 Petra awakes from blissful rest

16:10 Victoria brushes her teeth and combs her hair

16:15 Petra plays quietly in playroom (too quietly, probably)

16:20 Victoria begins to get dressed with new uniform, school shoes, and school hair ribbon

16:30 Screams come from the playroom... the non-whiny kind... the blood-curdling kind

16:31 More screams - this time from Victoria and Mom

16:33 Mopping up blood and icing down one and one-half inch forehead gash; a result of climbing

16:35 Call Dad ... politely give him a choice: (1.) Take Victoria to school or (2.) Go to hospital

16:38 Petra calms down, gash stops gushing blood, and enjoys chomping on crushed ice

16:39 Cat 1 vomits

16:41 Cat 2 forgets to use the litter box

16:45 Victoria needs to be at school very soon; so she gets anxious

16:46 Mom wonders why she didn't hydrate more throughout the day?

16:47 Dad arrives not very thrilled with the two choices he was given 12 minutes ago

16:49 Dad goes to hospital because really there is no other choice

16:50 Victoria and Mom go to school ... in a nervous frenzy

16:59 Victoria and Mom arrive at school; Dad and Petra arrive at ER. Luckily our house is equidistant from hospital district and school district

17:04 Petra receives sutures

17:06 Victoria receives school supplies

19:36 Everyone in bed to put this horrible, no good, very bad day behind us!

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