Friday, August 21, 2009

Conversion Diversion

What has happened to the USA's conversion to the Metric System? Does anyone remember having to (immediately) learn the metric system? (OR does this thought just give away my age, UGH??)

Metric vs. USA measurements

(There is a third; Imperial -- but we'll ignore that one since it is very similar to the USA. Yet, it should not be confused with the USA. Oh, and by the way, who cares?)

I think I prefer the Metric System!

I weigh LESS... 55 kilos instead of (hey, I'm not saying, and you'll just look it up anyway...)

I stand TALLER... 167.6 cm instead of 66 inches.

I have less weight to lose... 5 kilos instead of 11 pounds!

I drive FASTER... 112.65 KPH instead of 70 MPH on the highway!

It's LESS HOT in Texas... 39 degrees C instead of 102.2 degrees F!

However, there are certain situations in which the USA measurement system might be at an advantage:

Gas costs LESS in Gallons... too many Liters to count!

Running a Marathon is SHORTER in miles, 26.2... 42.16 km is too FAR!

And the same goes for a Half-Marathon, 13.1 miles... 21.08 km is like running a full marathon!

My long jump recorded in USATF measurements at 5', 4 and 1/2" sounds LONGER... than 1.63 meters (that's like crossing one square on a sidewalk)!

And 20 degrees C in Texas sounds COLD... compared to the real nice breezy 68 degrees F!

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