Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I never ask you where your goin',
I never ask you where you've been
I've never called and checked your story,
When you stayed out with all your freinds
I've never tried to catch you lyin',

You see, because I found your cheatin' ass on cheatersrus.com

THIS is the greatest website since canned beer!  You can find a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a date, a spouse, a significant other, a partner, or a whatever here. 

All cheaters are registered  by their exes. {Their victims, their family, or their friends.} 

This is the perfect website for those of us who don't want a real relationship.  Nor a real committment.  Nor a real hassle.  Nor a real situation.  This website is also great for other "cheaters" because you know that the other "cheater" doesn't want anything REAL either!!!!

You log on to cheatersrus.   You browse the profiles like on match.com.  You select a mate.  You contact that mate.  Although that mate has NO IDEA how you found him or her.   (PS So you better have an excellent story and reason to be calling/emailing/texting.) And VOILA, you have yourself a bonafide CHEATER!  How great is that! 

SURPRISE, EX Boyfriend #3 ... I found your bald ass on cheatersrus.com

PS This is a fictional website and short story

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