Monday, February 8, 2010

Shopping Update... almost 10 weeks

I have been so busy drowning in my own "10 month" illness that I haven't even seen the calendar pages flipping by.  AND, yes, pregnancy is TEN months.  This is something they definitely don't tell you until it is too late.  280 days.  40 weeks.  10 months.  One pregnant woman must fulfill the ninth month in its entirety, if at all possible. 

Update on my shopping:

My "10 month" illness is keeping me out of the shops, off the computer, and at home.  Horizontally couch-bound.  My family barely gets fed.  Unless you count cereal, macaroni and cheese, sometimes just the macaroni, and spaghettiOs. 

Other than my IKEA breakdown (outdoor toys for the kids)... I have saved lots of money.  But I think my husband keeps spending it. 

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