Saturday, February 27, 2010

lax or lazy?

I have not been very consistent at updating my blog because:
a.  I have the ten month flu (haven't you been keeping up)
b.  My children are dull
c.  My fingers are cold and numb from all the snow in Texas
d.  All of the above

I have no real excuses because:
a.  This is all fiction, remember?
b.  I got a job
c.  I live in the UAE now and the time change is killing me
d.  None of the above

My days are filled with:
a.  Drivel
b.  Nonsense
c.  Work
d.  All of the above

My schedule is full because:
a.  I spend 6+ hours walking due to my 'no shopping' rule
b.  I waste an exorbitant amount of time playing solitaire
c.  I watch too much daytime tv
d.  None of the above

I procrastinate because:
a.  I can
b.  Nobody is keeping tabs on me
c.  I do better with hour time limits not month time limits
d.  All of the above

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