Friday, August 6, 2010

8 months of no shopping update

One month I consider my lack of spending to be great.  In my own opinion.  The opinion that really matters.
The next month, maybe not so great.  Still in my own opinion.  I can be honest and subjective.  Or is it objective.  Well, whatever...

Actually, at this time, I am a bit irritated with the credit card company.  They have taken a liking to sending our bill, so that the bill actually arrives on a SATURDAY!   EVERY MONTH.  How is that possible with the erratic postal system?  Perhaps, Saturday Delivery will soon be just a memory.  Has that 'bill' passed yet??

Thank you, Bank A and your damn credit card.  You ruin ONE out of FOUR weekends EVERY month.  Weekends, as we all know, are precious commodities.  And ONE of them is a total and complete BUST.

So, I have taken to retrieving the mail.  And, subsequently yet sheepishly, hiding the mail.  Or forgetting about the mail.  Or, is it considered temporarily misplacing the mail?  Well, regardless to what happens to the mail on that particular Saturday -- it doesn't reappear until Tuesday. 

Why not on Monday?  Mondays suck anyway, why make it worse?  By Tuesdays, we are so preoccupied with the week's activities that the bill is overshadowed by the busy-ness of our life.  Thank God for Tuesdays. 

I think I will call the credit card company AGAIN... and beg them to close the statement on a different day.  Or pick a different mailing date.  Twelve "terrible, horrible, no good, very bad" weekends per year ... that's only 40 available for FUN!!  And I desperately NEED all 52 weekends.

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