Tuesday, May 3, 2011


every year, I say the same thing... "I love bluebonnets".  They are such a beautiful sight in spring as winter disappears for another year and as summer begins to heat up. 

if you ever get the chance to go to Texas, take it from me, don't pass it by...

although... I do have a crush on Texas.
But... I also have a crush on thousands of other places to call home.

actually, I love every town/city/state/country that I visit.  I imagine myself living there.  I peruse classifieds for homes to buy and jobs to obtain.  I learn the layout of the land... because you never know... I may just find myself living in Paris, Arkansas.  Or Hell, Michigan.  Or Bend, Oregon.  Or New Heidelberg, Minnesota.  Or Timbuktu, Vermont.  Or New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

But for now...
Here's to the Texas Bluebonnets!

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