Thursday, May 5, 2011

world news

First there is the national coverage on the tornadoes that have devoured regions of the south.
And this is a very sad reality.
Plus, how can one really be safe in the south when basements do NOT exist?? 

Then there is the Royal Wedding.  William and Catherine.
With round-the-clock coverage. 
It was a beautiful wedding.
And for all you with your own wedding opinions, that is just what they are, opinions. 

Now, Osama bin Laden has died?!
And this is a very happy reality.
If it is true?
Is it?
I have heard so many differing accounts as to his death that I stopped listening to the news after the first three hours and that was three days ago.  So my post may be totally incorrect.  And I am aware of that possibility.
So, do they have his body? 
Was it, in fact, lost at sea?
And if not; who, what, where, when, how need to be addressed.   I believe the "why" has been covered.  What type of proper burial will take place?  What is proper for an evil, crazed maniac?

Just give us the facts.  No probabilities.  No maybes.  No supposes.  No ifs. 

Back in 2008 during the Presidential Campaign, bumper stickers were produced and adhered to many vehicles.  The democratic campaign:  Obama / Biden

And the only thing I could see in that bumper sticker:

An anagram.  Yes, an anagram.

Osama bin Laden = Obama / Biden

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