Wednesday, May 11, 2011

on vacation.


Not really a vacation, but a mental vacation.  A mental no-blogging vacation.

So we have been to six birthday parties, one soccer post-season party, one tennis post-season party, one gymnastics party, one ranch (a glorified farm -- for those of you from the north/midwest) party, two church parties, one mommy party, two mommy events, 14 doctor appointments ... all in eight days. 

And to add a cherry ...

I discovered that one of my girls is a scientist.  Yes, at this early undefined age, she is performing science experiments.  And.  I drink.

Recently, one of her experiments involved CAUSE and EFFECT.


Where will an object go ... IF I SWALLOW IT?  ON PURPOSE.

Why does the object NOT resurface immediately upon swallowing it?  Why doesn't the object just drop out my bottom?  You know, like a straw??  In one end and out the other end.

How come I can't see my object?

When will I find it?

and the effect of mommy's plea:

What in the HELL did you swallow?

How many Matrushka Dolls tell me do you see?
one. two. three. four. five.
five Matrushka Dolls.
they are orange.

How many Matrushka Dolls tell me do you see?
one. two. three. four.
four Matrushka Dolls.
they are red.

Four?  Four?  Oh My God!
Where's the baby Russian Doll?

"She's sleeping in my belly."

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