Friday, November 27, 2009

PINK Friday

Why do they call the Friday after Thanksgiving "Black Friday"?  No, this is not a riddle.  This is a very serious inquiry, not to be taken lightly! 

Black is not a very happy color.  Not a very mind-pleasing word.  not very colorful.  not very enlightening.

We should call it "Ice Cream Friday".  Everyone loves Ice Cream!  But November's end could be a bit chilly.  And "Coffee Friday" would be very limiting... because not everyone loves coffee. 

Or we should call it "Pink Friday".  Pink is a wonderful sounding, ear pleasing, eye catching word.  Pink, as in "spoiled pink", "think pink", "tickled pink", "pink power", and "the pink panther".  Ahhh, PINK!  A GREAT ADJECTIVE for the Friday after Thanksgiving!!


Pink Friday is a very colorful, exciting, mind-jumping, hand-clapping, foot-dancing kind of day!!  There are savings abound.  Items galore.  Stores to explore.

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