Sunday, November 29, 2009

Looking for more Black Fridays

Actually, looking for Black Sundays.  Or, in my world, PINK SUNDAYS! 
I am wondering if there are any sales in Moscow?!  Any one-offs?  Any discounts?  Any bartering to be done? 

Currently, I have a carrier bag full of "Matrushka Dolls"... every little girl is getting one for Christmas. 

Moscow is quite expensive.  About 20% higher in prices than Europe.  But really that is quite acceptable.  Because I do not want to buy European goods in Russia.  I would prefer to buy Russian goods in Russia. 

29 Rubles = 1 USD

Perhaps a couple more "Matrushka Dolls" ...


How much Vodka can be carried back to the good ole USA?  If we would quit drinking the souvenirs, we might be able to gift Vodka.   Because who doesn't want Vodka from the original Vodka Heaven??!!

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