Monday, November 23, 2009

Trial Thanksgiving Run

Turkeys are not my "thing" in cooking
They appear to be easy to cook
They appear to be low maintenance
But first, you have to clean out all that shit inside them

You have all seen your mothers do it
They reach inside and pull that crap out
Personally, after being an eyewitness
Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner is RUINED for me

My darling husband loves turkey
And after our First Thanksgiving together
in which I managed to turn into a BBQ
He is now the man in charge of cooking the turkey

On that lovely First Thanksgiving together
I pretended that I already cleaned out the turkey's innards
So I left it in
I couldn't bear to ruin his Thanksgiving too

Well I did anyway
When the fire department sent truck number 26
My mother never told me that innards could cause a fire
A big Fire in old appliances

We remodeled the kitchen during the Christmas holidays!

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