Tuesday, November 3, 2009

creativity in the kitchen

So I was feeling a little bit creative this morning at 5 am.  Who else is awake at this hour (besides those of you who reside here)?  I pulled out the ole' pot'o'crock.  It is a perfect rainy, chilly, dreary, gray day to plug in this magical appliance!

I opened up the refrigerator and I threw in a random sample of whatever was within my reach:

half an onion
chicken breast
potatoes (2)
half a bag of frozen green beans
black beans (raw, not from a can)

Then onto the spice cabinet

chili powder
minced onion

Then over to the sink

water poured over the entire contents
enough water to cover everything

Timer set for 8 hours
Pot set on Low

Now... let's see how it turns out... The POT SURPRISE!  And if we don't get some sort of gastrointestinal situation or swine flu -- I will be back to let you know how this turns out.  Don't you just love surprises.  And if this surprise is less than desirable like my new-best-friend then we go to plan B.  FROOT LOOPS.

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