Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A New Guiness Record, I'm Sure

My youngest child, to date, was born with two left feet.  A miracle occured when she began walking at ten months old.  How is that possible with two left feet? 

Last week, we set a new record.  We visited our local hospital's ER two times.  Twice.  2X.  In 5 days.  5 short days.  Once on Saturday.  Once on Thursday.

On Saturday, little T was playing at the park.  A fun park.  She was climbing up the ladder to slide down the chute.  The ladder was metal, of course.  Along came a cute, unleashed puppy (which I think is illegal - the unleashed part - in a public place) and our little one became distracted.  Watching the puppy, little one lost her balance and fell three steps down the ladder.  Unfortunately, it was in slow motion.  And nothing could be done to prevent the fall.  She caught herself - but it was one step too late.  And her chin caught the step first.  1.  A chin laceration.  Scooping up little one, we drove erratically to the ER.

On Thursday, little T had had no nap.  So by 4pm, she was extremely tired and clumsy.  The old cliche, no sleep makes me off-balance; and that is exactly what happened.  Big sister and little sister were playing in the playroom.  Big sister was tickling little sister in their daily romp of sisterly love.  Little sister, again, lost her balance and down she slipped.  Unfortunately, little one landed on a wooden toy.  2.  Eyebrow Laceration.  Scooping up little one, grabbing towels and ice, we drove back to the ER.  We called darling worried husband along the way to break the news to him. 

With two wounds bandaged up, we have padded our home with bubble wrap. 
Please, God, do you have a cure for clumsiness? 

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