Sunday, March 21, 2010

a slow day on spring break

"I did not feel like taking a nap.  So, I quietly snuck out of bed... so noone could hear me.  I slithered past my big sister.  Whew.  She is too busy drawing to notice that I am not sleeping.  And, mom, where is she?  She must be out watering the garden.  Aha.  It is my lucky day.  I continued slithering into my mom and dad's bedroom.  I pulled on the third drawer, the fun drawer that contains all of mom's lipsticks and makeup.  Yes, it has a child-proof lock on the drawer but I can stick my tiny hand in that drawer even with that child-proof lock.  It's amazing that grown-ups still purchase those locks, because, I have to tell you -- they don't work for little people my size.  We can get around them!  I grabbed the coveted "Mystic" lipstick - a beautiful shade of dark pink with a hint of red.  Last week, I got in trouble for smearing mom's most expensive lipstick all over the bathroom cabinets.  So, I headed out into the foyer.  Sister is in her room and mom is still outside.  Nobody will think to find me here.  But I have to be fast.  I smeared the lipstick all over the front doors.  I was good though, I didn't get any on the floor.  I accidentally got some lipstick on the window shades because I needed to wipe my hands on something.  And the white double cellular shades worked perfectly for wiping my hands clean.  Next, I traveled into the playroom and started decorating my diaper box.  I was having fun banging the lipstick all over the box.  I have seen my sister coloring on boxes before, so I am pretty sure this is an acceptable form of self-expression art.  Oh, No, I got caught.  Mom's face is not smiling.  In fact, I am pretty sure her face probably won't smile for awhile.  Should I remind her about that un-botoxed deep wrinkle that has begun in the top left corner of her forehead??  Well, I got off quite easy.  She looked at me real mean... and then she went and got some cleaning stuff and towels.  I had to help clean-up.  But, I have heard that cleaning-up makes me "strong".  I don't think I will be getting into the lipsticks for some time... maybe next month after mom forgets about this incident."

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