Wednesday, June 30, 2010 of those weeks...

I found a pill.
A self-medicating pill.
How many can I take in a day?

Child A still on crutches
Child B still sporting dry ringy patches that will stick around for 30 days
Child C still blotchy, yet no longer contagious
Dog A still making messes
Dog B joining in
Cat A moved onto mice (thank you neighbors)
Cat B has tapeworms
Mommy A has restless leg syndrome
extreme heartburn (will baby have hair or no hair?)
gestational diabetes
placenta previa
and, oh yeah, a very long "to-do" list
Daddy A is MIA (lucky man!)
Nanny still on vacation (hopefully, not permanently!)
Maid still inconsistent this week... what day are you coming??
Contractor still cannot remember who we are
Lawn guy still late (the rain... he's forgiven)
Dishwasher has same vile smell as washing machine (coincidence?)
Compost pile still wilting and maggoting

So far, I have taken 3 tablets to start the day!

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