Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I am not the only one.

There is a whole subculture of wives who participate in the same type of activity. 
We omit facts.
Facts that involve numbers.
Facts that involve numbers that make up something called "Prices".
And those numbers usually participate in the game of shopping.

Q:  How much did you pay for that?
A:  The amount is usually 40 to 50% less than actual pay.

Q:  Is that new?
A:  No, I've had that.  See, you, never pay attention.  I showed you that about six months ago... at least.

I have only met one lady who seems to be completely appalled by the fact that wives play this little game.  Because I'm sure that lady is totally honest 100% of the time with her spouse.  Perhaps, she is honest about shopping but maybe not so honest about the cute cabana boy.  Just a guess...

Anyway, I have heard some fun stories from salesclerks and cashiers over the years.

At the drycleaners, one lady paid for a surprise 70th birthday party for her husband that ran in the amount of a few thousand dollars.  The drycleaners has a policy:  $10 minimum charge on a credit card.  So she would always make her amount for $10 or $15 depending on the week.  If her bill totalled $7.50 then she would pocket the $2.50 (or $7.50).  She did this weekly.  She saved every cent of it.  And she gave her lovely husband one helluva surprise!  I love that story!!!

And at Walmart, one woman or a few, purchase gift cards at the kiosks set up near the checkout lanes. Gift cards like Macy's or Barnes & Noble or Ann Taylor.  They purchase a gift card during their weekly grocery shopping trip.  Then they go shopping at the location of their recent gift card purchase!!  Wife spends less at Macy's (or at least, in appearance)!  ha ha ha.

At the salon, one woman pays for half of her beauty treatments with cash and the other half is on credit card.  That way, hubby only sees the credit card portion and thinks that it is such a little amount to make his wife sooooo happy.  In turn, he feels happy paying the half amount!!

And in a friend's home, the residing hubby firmly believes that there is always a sale somewhere... it just isn't his wife's job to find them all. 

There are more stories.  And every wife has one.  From some moment or another...

And all I say is ... GO WIFE!!!

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