Thursday, November 17, 2011


Today I give thanks for number Four... the oil rigs that create our skyline. 

Oil drilling is new to me.  It is not something I am familiar with since I grew up in a state that did not drill for oil in my neighborhood.  Oil rigs are fascinating because you do not have to drive far to see one or even, twenty-five. 

We can drive to Target, Costco, Chili's, McDonalds, WalMart, Sam's, and Taco Bell -- all in a two mile radius.  In that two mile radius, there are four oil rigs.  Neighborhood, Oil rig, Neighborhood, Target, Oil rig, Neighborhood, Long Horns, Apartments, Chilis, Oil rig, Neighborhood, WalMart, Sam's, Cattle, Neighborhood, Oil rig...

Giving thanks for the new skyline.  And the Long Horns (the cattle)!  For This is Home. 

Give Thanks for the place you call home. 

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