Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I love All Saints Day -- today, November 1st -- because it reminds me of the eternal fun to come.  The Bonus:  more treats!  Oh, and a great way to teach children about some lesser known Saints. 

Trick or Treating in Heaven!

All the Saints have their porch lights on and they are ready to welcome us with a bit of their own personal history.  The fun part is guessing what "treat" the Saint is offering. 

Let's meet the Saints with their porch lights on: 

PS  Don't SPEND too much time knocking on DOOR #4!! Or DOOR #13!!

1.    Saint Therese of Lisieux - the patron saint of missions; her namesake "little rose"
TREAT:  a rose

2.    Saint Joseph - the patron saint of carpenters/workers
TREAT:  a toy hammer

3.    Saint Nicholas - the patorn saint of giving (he's the original Santa Claus!!)
TREAT:  a stocking filled with a spinning top and a tic-tac-toe game

4.    Saint Martin of Tours - the patron saint of drunkards

5.    Saint George - the patorn saint of England and Catalonia
TREAT:  a little toy army man

6.    Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha - the patron saint of the environment
TREAT:  a feather (to honor her Native American heritage)

7.    Saint Martin de Porres - the patron saint of barbers
TREAT:  an elastic hair band

8.    Saint Martha - the patron saint of cooks
TREAT:  a cookie, or three

9.    Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini - the patron saint of immigrants
TREAT:  a small American flag (to honor the very FIRST U.S. citizen saint)

10.  Saint Lucy - the patron saint against eye diseases
TREAT:  sunglasses

11.  Saint Cosmas and Saint Damian - the patron saint of medicine
TREAT:  a bandaid

12.  Saint Cecelia - the patron saint of music
TREAT:  a recorder

13.  Saint James the Great - the patron saint of Spain
TREAT:  a gold coin (to support his wallet representation because MONEY is more fun than another flag)

14.  Saint Dorothy - the patron saint of Cappadocia
TREAT:  flowers (to represent the flowers sent to Theophilis - the man who mocked this martyr)

15.  Saint Peter - the patron saint of workers
TREAT:  a key (to represent "the keys to the kingdom of heaven")

16.  Saint Petronilla - the patron saint against fever
TREAT:  a candy bar (to honor her hunger strike that led to death)

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