Thursday, November 10, 2011

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, which is coming soon -- I am fairly certain.  Because IF I knew the current date, without having to calculate back to August to get to today, then I would be able to inform you of the 14 days available.

And that brings us to ... TODAY.

Today, I give thanks. 

I am sincerely grateful for MR. CLEAN'S MAGIC ERASER!  Particularly thankful that they arrive in a package of two.  A six-pack would be desirable.  But since a few "6-pack cleaners" are minimally sporting two-packs after bearing children, a "two-pack" is more apropos!  Or could the two-pack symbolize the "one for each hand" cliche?  I wonder...

Mr. Clean has taken up permanent residence in my home -- he resides in a well-appointed closet.  Always within reach.  Always available.

Since Mr. Clean exists and delivers as promised, I am also thankful that my little one only covered 8 out of 323 tiles with a RED SHARPIE!!  Yes, that's ONLY 2% of the flooring.   A small number overall.  And, I am still smiling after this kind of day ... a close your eyes, count to ten, and be grateful kind of day. 

**The best news is that ... I was really growing weary of those tiles.**  

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