Saturday, November 12, 2011


Giving thanks for the little things today.  The small things.  The itsy bitsy things. 
The things that matter to you -- and possibly, only you -- nevertheless, they matter.

The quick, natural smile from your child.
The email from a friend, who just wanted to say hello.
The phone call from a cousin, who just wanted to wish you a "happy-anything-kind-of-day".
The muffins from a student who wanted to say "thankful for you...".
The snack from a coworker who just wanted to share (the calories).
The goodnight kiss from your spouse.
The goodnight hugs from your child.
The purr from your feline.
The lick from your canine.
The perfect trash find by the curb.
The "couldn't pass up" bargain while shopping.
The jeans that still fit.

And, giving thanks for even these little things...

The fleas from your neighbor's pet.
The curses from the driver who cut you off.
The driveling blah, blah, blahs from a friend amidst her third divorce.
The coincidence that a cousin married on her father's birthday (apparently she wants to remember that date forever even through her divorce proceedings?!)
The irony that another friend married her second cousin (is that even legal??)
The sarcasm that wants to get the last word.
The unsolicited help from people.

And I am Thankful on Day Three.

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