Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Exhibit B Christmas Letter

Dear __________________,

It is that time of year again ... where did the last 365 days go? Here we are wishing you a wonderful 2010! 2009 was a great year for the "T" family. We have many memories to add to our photo albums (110 and counting - we're running out of space).

However, I'll quit the sap now.  Frankly, our year sucked.  It has been one thing after another this past year.  It all started in January.  We were broadsided.   The car demolished.  Too bad for us because we were in the process of switching insurance companies.  And there was a ONE DAY lapse due to that day being a Sunday in which we were 100% uncovered.  So of course we were hit on that ONE DAY.  And of course, the other driver was at fault but insured-less.   Since we were all rushed to the ER, the car insurance situation was on delay.  Yes, we did have health insurance.  However, our new policy's deductible is $6000.   Our ER bill was $6011.  I had three broken ribs.  "T" had a broken nose.  And all four children had concussions. 
We had to fight the health insurance company for our measley $11.  When we finally did receive that check 90 days later, we splurged on McDonalds.  Only too bad for us, we all contracted some horrible (and smelly) gastrointestinal situation.

Our year pretty much stayed the same way that it started out.  We couldn't go anywhere for Spring Break due to the ER bill and the car bill.  So we stayed home and made each other miserable.

I'd like to say I quit my job.  Or perhaps, I was laid off.  But technically I was fired.  I was fired because I didn't have a car for a while and the 5 mile walk was a bit long on some days.  Luckily I was only 5 miles away.  

"T" was demoted.  I didn't know one could be demoted at work and still want to wake up and continue to go there for the humiliation!  I was also demoted this year... from "matron of honor" to "bridesmaid" in my best friend's fourth wedding.  Although, I have the feeling we aren't really "BFFs"!!  And, yes, the dresses were UGLY.  And, no, you cannot EVER wear them again.

Our oldest, most promising child was held back this past school year.  The coaches told us it was so they could have an extra season with our QB.  Well, I don't think that is quite true.  He is seeking therapy at this time. 

Our middle, overlooked child had a pregnancy scare or two.  I could only think about how fun it would be to raise her baby.  Plus I have some really cool back-up baby names that I have been wanting to use!  So I sought out therapy for my delusion.

Our two youngest children are very independent.  We don't even know where they live on most days.  I knew the day would come when we would embarrass them.  I guess it happened with the youngest first. 

Summer was stagnant.  We planned a trip to Arkansas.  But with the swine flu outbreak and our horrible luck this past year, we decided it would be best to avoid contact with people.  We did visit the "MYSTERY SPOT" in Oklahoma because NOBODY ever goes to those attractions! 

We are highly anticipating the end of 2009.  2010 has just got to be more rewarding.  Here's to an upcoming fabulous year!  If any of you or yours are in the neighborhood, we would love to have you visit.  Our doors are always open (just call first).

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
   Warmest Wishes from the "T" family

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