Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I am a serious list maker.  copious lists.  post-it lists.  long lists.  short lists.  notebook lists.  calendar lists.   car lists.  everywhere lists.

But I lose them.  I start over.  I lose those too!

I have a Christmas list somewhere too.  And since I cannot shop - I need a "want" list to give to other willing shoppers.  And since I cannot buy whatever I want whenever I want - I have compiled a great list.  And the top ten change daily!

1.  jalapeno pepper corer
2.  jalapeno pepper cooker
3.  poached egg cooker
4.  wok - do they still manufacture these?
5.  carousel statue
6.  floating bar (for the pool)
7.  ergonomic pen
8.  restylane
9.  monogrammed cutting board and spreaders
10.  Wendel Chocolate

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