Thursday, December 10, 2009

Exhibit C Christmas Letter

Dear __________________,

It is that time of year again ... where did the last 365 days go? Here we are wishing you a wonderful 2010! 2009 was a great year for the "T" family. We have many memories to add to our photo albums (110 and counting - we're running out of space).

We have had the most extraordinary year!  It all began with an all expense paid trip to Hawaii from the in-laws.  They didn't know what to get us for Christmas so they thought a trip might be fun.  And it was.  The weather was great.  The penthouse was fantastic.  The food delicious.  The entertainment delightful.  We are planning to make this trip an annual event. 

It seems like we just unpacked our bags and it was time for our  President's Weekend of Skiing!  The Colorado Lodge is so peaceful and perfect for a snowy winter weekend. 

Then we were off to Belize for Spring Break.  Our original plans were to go to Cambodia but due to time constraints and select soccer we opted for a shorter airplane flight.  Diving in Belize was incredible.  The water so clear, so blue, so fresh.  The fish and coral so visible. 

During Easter Weekend we experimented with a new tradition.  We fled to the Florida Keys.   We were in desperate need of a vacation.  And the conch fritters and reggae was just the ticket.

School was finally out.  The children had a great year.  "1" is at the top of his class.  A model child.  Even at 16.  He is really responsible especially with his new Lexus Sedan - a birthday gift!  "2" continues to excel at sports.  As I mentioned above, select soccer is in her life.  Traveling and prestige go with this team.  She is already being scouted by colleges.  "3" is still as sweet as ever.  She is training with a primadonna ballerina.  She spent the summer in New York.  "4" is finding his way as a football player.  His acquired size (from the "T" side of the family) is definitely a gaining advantage for this sport.  We have hopes of Penn State in his future as QB.

The summer was truly a time for regrouping and spending time together.  First we supported "3" in New York with her dance.  Then from there we all flew to Spain for the remaining weeks of summer.  Sandy beaches along the Costa del Sol, Sangria flowing, Paella, and amigos! 

Once we landed back in the States, we had to prepare for the school year.  Thanksgiving Vacation was here before we knew it.  Due to all of the children's events and happenings, we spent the holiday in Mexico.  Another short flight from home.  Plus being in Mexico is almost the same as being at home.  And now here it is Christmas.  The New Year's holiday will be rung in an hour earlier in Florida. 

We hope you all have had an exciting 2009 as well.  Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  From the "T" family.

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