Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Exhibit A Christmas Letter

Dear __________________,

It is that time of year again ... where did the last 365 days go?  Here we are wishing you a wonderful 2010!  2009 was a great year for the "T" family.  We have many memories to add to our photo albums (110 and counting - we're running out of space).

The best part of 2009 for the "T" family was
  a.  the in-laws moved
  b.  we vacationed in Hawaii
  c.  cash for clunkers
  d.  all of the above

The worst part of 2009 was
  a.  catching oldest child with pot
  b.  receiving middle child's report card
  c.  watching the twins mimic the oldest child - "rolling" their own
  d.  all of the above
The most shocking part of 2009 was
  a.  failing my beautician's exam
  b.  husband's ex-mistress wouldn't go away
  c.  children earned highest score in Trivia at the local bar
  d.  all of the above
The biggest disappointments for 2009 were
  a.  oldest child crashed the t-bird
  b.  middle child failed PE due to his inability to run one mile in one hour
  c.  Ellen and Allen, the twins, have swapped clothing and identity 
  d.  all of the above
The biggest a-ha moments of 2009 were
  a.  the bread lasts longer in the refrigerator even if it's a bit hard
  b.  there is always a sale somewhere
  c.  there is truly no giving tree with money
  d.  all of the above
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Warmest Wishes from the "T" family

The answers:  1.d; 2.d; 3.d; 4.d; 5.d

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