Friday, January 7, 2011

and onto my next project

Who knew?
That tennis balls are NOT yellow. 
They are actually green.
Since who knows when?
But green?
I still call tennis balls yellow.  I will continue to call them "yellow tennis balls".  And I will continue to be corrected by my seven year old daughter... and husband... and, recently, my two year old daugther. 
Clearly, I cannot win this debate. 
So, now I refer to tennis balls as PINK.  The Wilson Hope PINK tennis balls. 

My oldest wants a Birthday Party this year.  Last year, we had to skip a party because I was very ill with that nine-month flu!  And we always have a party with some grand theme.  So this year she wants to have a small number of girls over to the house.  Yup.  I think I am insane agreeing to this cockamanie idea.  Because really who wants to host a party to little girls who will run wild through your house?  Opening closets.  And drawers.  Peering into any opening.  Chasing the cats.  Begging to go swimming in 30 degree temps.  UGH. 

The point of my yellow tennis ball situation is this...
She wants a TENNIS theme party. 

So, now I ask... where do I come up with TENNIS things?  Because clearly in my city, TENNIS things do NOT exist.  Except at the pet store, they do sell TENNIS toys for dogs.  Somehow, I do not think these "little-on-the-verge-to-tweendom-already-discovered-Justice-and-boys-and-cliques" want dog toys.  I have ideas.  I just have to find them.  Or create them.  So create, it is. 

And, a big thank you god for the internet and google!!  Because there is ONE web-site where I can actually buy some expensive party goods and decorations.  Yippee!

My Birthday Girl announced this morning that next year she will select an easier theme... like "COWGIRL"... because that we DO have here in Texas.  We can do Cowgirl.  With boots.  And hats.  Horses (pew).  And the cutest plastic boot drinking glasses you have ever laid your eyes on!

However, a TENNIS theme begins to grow.

Stay tuned for how this TENNIS themed party is created out of nothing. 

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