Saturday, January 22, 2011


As I mentioned before...
We are preparing for a "TENNIS THEME BIRTHDAY PARTY"
We begin prepping months in advance.  Ideas, designs, menus, games, fun.
I am waiting for the arrival of my "tennis" stuff by post.  Until then... the other birthday stuff must get done!

So here is a preview of what we have been working on:

1.  A birthday board.   Clip displays the number of years.

2. Hershey's Candy Bar Wrappers.
Ingredients:  friends, fun, chocolate, sugar, sweetness and smiles

3.  Water bottle labels.  Before.
"Happy Birthday" water is for during the party.  The "Thank you" water gets placed into the favor bag dubbed "Tennis Survival Kit".
 4.  A banner.
The completed water bottles: 

5.  Tonight I need to complete the balloon wreath. 
And 6.  Finish the Invitations:
More photos to follow... especially of the party set up!

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