Wednesday, January 26, 2011

what else?

I have an odd obsession with houses.  Let me clarify:  "HOUSES FOR SALE".  If it is not for sale, then I am not obsessed.   My other odd obsession is "OVERPASSES".  But focus here, "houses for sale". 
Every Sunday morning, I peruse the "House" section of the local newspaper.  Any openhouses I can waste a few hours at?  Sometimes, my house list is within the city limits.  And sometimes, it is not. 
Recently, I have become obsessed with just ONE house.  I really like this particular house.  And I really like the realtor.  We have become friends.  Yes, probably not in my best interest (or hers).  But friends.  So most of my freetime is spent thinking about this house.  It is a preoccupation I have.  To avoid cleaning out closets.  Decluttering.  Goodwilling.  And anything else I can avoid. 

Well in the midst of my house daydreams, the children all get the flu.  The yucky kind of flu.  The more than a runny nose kind of flu.  You know what I mean.  Loads of laundry -- hourly.  UGH.

So the dryer just dead stops in the middle of all this flu laundry.  DEAD.  Since I am not really a pioneer woman.  Nor am I amish.  I need a dryer.  Preferably one that dries!  And comes in the shape of a rectangle not a rope. 

And since I have to disconnect the dryer when a new one gets delivered.  Whenever that may be???   I decided to mini make over the laundry area.  It had this laundry border... which is cute in your thirties... but now in the forties swinging toward fifties, not so cute.  So I ripped it off the white walls.

And then I had this vision of GREY walls.  Yes, I have been conspiring to somehow for some room buy grey paint.  I even had grey paint cards selected.  All I needed was a reason to go and buy grey paint.  So, grey it is.  I also wanted to experiment with batten board walls.  But when I got "the look" across the dinner table, I didn't push my luck.

Because honestly, I had nothing to do with the dryer breaking.

Although, ironically, I did have a washer/dryer set selected, too.  I selected them during the first week of December.  I had the model numbers.  But, really, I did not know the dryer would break!!  Subliminally, I didn't even wish that my dryer would break. 

However, I may have had something to do with this:

The GOOD news:  I have put my preoccupation with a particular house on the backburner.  In fact, it is so far back that I cannot even move it one inch closer to reality at all.  I believe it is getting pushed further and further away.  There will always be another house to preoccupy myself with.  So for now, I should preoccupy myself with my existing home.  I have grey paint!!

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