Thursday, January 20, 2011

art at home

I love children's art.
Probably because that is the only kind of art I can do. 
I could totally pass my art off as my 3 year old's creation.
We would be rich!
We would be deceptors!  (Like that one man and his daughter... cannot recall the name... probably because I am extremely exhausted.  Or because I really don't pay attention to little trivial details.  Like names.)
Anyway, I love the art my children create.
Perhaps, because I wear the PARENT GOGGLES!
But, honestly, I despise the MESS.
So today we painted outside.
And then I hosed the girls off.  Well, one girl in particular. 

Matroshka Dolls and Polka Dots are a few of our favorite things

Find the hidden picture.

The doors are being put in the playhouse.

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