Monday, February 21, 2011

Weather Whiplash

Everyone in the world is experiencing this winter's weather whiplash. 

54 degrees. 
-10 degrees. 
36 degrees. 
65 degrees. 
28 degrees
77 degrees.

All I know is ... is that I have taken up listening (really listening, not just a head nod) to the weather for "how to dress for the day" cues.  Because, frequently (translates into daily), I do not dress appropriately for the weather.  Tank tops for 32 degrees -- thinking the day will warm up AND it never does.  Sweatshirts for -10 degrees;  thinking that it will be freezing cold all day long AND the air temp multiplies at a much faster rate than I can calculate.  And four hours later, the temp has risen 70 degrees to reach a whopping 60 degrees.  How is that even possible? 

All I know is (#2) ... is that we are loving the new temps that this week has brought us southern folk.

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