Saturday, February 12, 2011

tomorrow recap

I have been manically going through my house; cleaning out drawers, cabinets, closets.  I have been filing piles of stuff that have been lying in the "file pile" for about three years.  I have been tying up loose ends.  I have been finishing up projects that I have started. 

My new new year's resolution is to "finish what I start". 
No more excuses. 

I want to spend my free time with people that matter.  Not people that I feel like I have to.  I want to spend time with the important friends.  Not the ones that you'll never see should you quit your job, or move, or any other change. 

I was in a women's club. once.  (club will remain "nameless").  Kind of like a "junior league" but it wasn't that... so if you are a JL member... this isn't about you.  or your club.  I paid a hefty dues to be a part of this club.  The kind of club that you have to apply to.  Be accepted.  I don't know why I did it.  I guess because it was the "thing" to do.  This club would get together once or twice a month.  And my real friends outside of this club were put on the backburner. 

My husband always teased me about this group.  And then his teasing turned into questioning, "tell me again, why are you paying for friendship?"  I didn't put much thought into his teasing.  Because, afterall, these club friends were my friends once or twice a month. 

So I dropped out.  Because I finally "got it".  I got what my husband was saying.  If these were really your friends, wouldn't they be your friends any way?  Club or no club?  Why do you have to be in a club to be friends with each other?

I learned that these club friends were not really friends.  (you were right hubby).  Only if you are a member.  And can you guess how many club member friends I have heard from since my departure??  Initially, I heard from a few because they wanted me to reinstate myself.  "Come back", they pleaded.  I counteroffered with "we'll still do playdates".   And then with my "out" status, the surface friends disappeared.  one by one. 

So, no more spending time on meaningless stuff or people.
No more excuses.
No more procrastination.
If I am thinking about someone, tell them.  Tell them now before it is too late.
No more "tomorrows".  Do it now. 

So off I go to plow through the playroom.
Afterall, I have one free hour!

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