Thursday, March 31, 2011

1st Reconciliation

Father, I am sorry for my sins ...
mainly because it has been 25 years since my last confession.

In English, anyway.

I tend to attend confession in foreign countries.
Specifically, NON-ENGLISH speaking countries.

It is simpler that way.

1.  "I am sorry, I do not obey ... anybody."
2.  "I am sorry, I do not listen or pay attention very well.  Honestly, at all!?  I know it is probably because I was misdiagnosed as a child. I must have ADD. It is a self-diagnosis."
3.  "I am sorry, I use HIS name in vain. Like EVERY sentence spoken silently or verbally.  Unfortunately HIS name is always accompanied with an Expletive!"

Penance is given.
"No speak English, try better."

So I self-prescribe my Penance:  10 Hail Marys.
And perhaps, see a medical professional about this possible ADD.
Oh, and maybe visit my home parish for confession ... it is on my list of Lenten Promises.

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