Tuesday, March 8, 2011

so many celebrations,

so little time...

2 March -- Dr. Seuss's Birthday
8 March -- Mardi Gras
9 March -- Ash Wednesday
11 March -- Ellis Island Day (in our house)
13 March -- Day Light Savings
17 March -- Saint Patrick's Day
20 March -- First Day of Spring
26 March -- Last Quarter Moon
30 March -- First Reconciliation

I totally overdid the whole Dr. Seuss day...  a fun, surprise lunch packed for school:

Green Eggs and Ham  (green hardboiled eggs and ham slices)
Pink Ink  (strawberry yogurt drink)
Blue Goo (blue jello)
Red Fish, Blue Fish (goldfish crackers)
The Cat in the Hat's Hat (strawberry/dip layered to resemble a hat)

So... now what am I going to do for all the other "fun" days this month?
I learned my lesson.  Start out with NOTHING... and then there are ZERO expectations. 

That's Right, Readers!  ZERO expectations! 

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