Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mission Impossible

One wrong turn.
Turned into a very right turn.

And, luckily, there was not another car behind me waiting to slam into my car-bum.  Because that would have been a bad day! 
Although, please don't ask if I can find this street again... because I know I cannot even attempt it. 

I am thankful for always (or almost always) carrying a camera with me!

However, now my "little middle one" is trying to find a street with her name on it.  I suppose we will have to have one of those custom made for us.  Creatively, she doesn't care too much about the street sign bearing all of her name letters.  Just the First Letter!   

So far we have stopped and photographed:  Pine St., Pebble Ridge, Pebble Ct., Park St., Partridge Way, Park Ct., Park Canyon, Park Way, and Pembleton. 

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