Monday, March 28, 2011

spring break or bust!

No bar too far ... (exactly 15 feet to the refrigerator door)
We drink to sink ... (44 ounces should do it)
What happens in _____, stays in _____ (the residence of choice)
We got beer, it's time to cheer!

Well my spring break has sprung.  Time to begin.  Time to relish.  Wahoo!
I am on my own.
The children have returned to their classrooms for the remaining nine weeks of school. 
The husband has returned to his office and/or the friendly skies.
The pets have returned to their outdoor play yard.

The mommy has returned to the sofa, feet up, diet coke in left hand, remote in right hand, cell phone off, computer on sleep mode, and home phone off the hook. 

It's Spring Break.
My Personal Spring Break.  (Not to be confused with a "personal summer")

The reason for my temporary hiatus:  the family was on spring break and then the vacation was extended due to illnesses.  So now that the home has returned to normal (not to be confused with the normally strewed shit spewing from every crevice) peace and quiet. 


Just for a moment....

I can meditate with both eyes shut.

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