Thursday, September 15, 2011

4. Retail Therapy

Day 4.
Have you taken Jill Martin's advice yet by ridding your closets by 75%?

You will feel so liberated and so depleted and so excited to indulge in some pick-me-up-retail-therapy!  Although I am not sure this was Jill's idea behind disposing of 75% of your clothing.  I am quite sure she said to wear the 25% that is already in your closet.  So, people, let's go fill another trashbag to donate. 
And then we can do some "GUILTY-FREE" shopping! 

New Jeans?  Jill says that if you hardly ever wear jeans, then you ONLY need 2 pair!  But what about all of the Jean-Mamas who live in daily denim?!  And we don't want to wear the MOM jeans!
I say, LEVIS for everyday.  And "Not Your Daughter's Jeans" for any mommy over 40.  And "Sevens" ... are those still in?

Boots.  I have my several pair selected.

Peacoats.  Tan.  Navy.

A new scarf.  I am loving me some PASHMINAs!

But, Don't Forget to Accessorize with New Handbags!  Make it a Ginormous, Huge, Fantastically Large handbag.  Because take it from me...this is some darn good advice:

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