Friday, September 2, 2011


I hope you have not made the minor change!  You are still at:

No, I have not been on a much-needed-wanted-desired vacation to India or Russia or Indonesia.  Although those destinations all sound fabulous.   I was just giving my parents and two readers ample time to note the change and make the change.  That didn't change... because all my posts would be lost. UGH.

Now that you are all here.


I swear I stopped eating before slumbering... so what happens last night??  Another dream!  Frankly, every sleeper dreams every night... it's just whether we remember our fantasies or not.  Perhaps it is the FOOD that makes me recall my dreams... because I know for a fact that I have dreamt for the last xxxx whole lotta years and I have never remembered any dreams.  

Get this one:

I was inhaling and exhaling and huffing and puffing as fast as I could... SMOKING!  CIGARETTES!  Oh My God!  I was practicing how to smoke.  What drags appeared the coolest (in front of a mirror).  And then simultaneously smoking while chewing gum so I could hide the smell.  Then smoking while driving with the window down so I could tap my ashes out the window... well actually the entire cigarette fell out the window.  Then I zoomed away as fast as I could from the other surrounding vehicles because I did not want my unextinguished cigarette to blow up some person's gas and/or oil leaking non-emission-passing-failed-inspection vehicle. 

And the dream came about all because of a trip to a general surgeon where upon I was asked FIVE times if I was a smoker.  The first time I said "NO".  And by the fifth time I said "NOT YET".  I was having my hernia consulted.  And I thought, "what does smoking have to do with a hernia?"  Surely, I haven't been lifting 75 cartons of cigarettes. 

Well, I never got my answer to the hernia-smoking relationship. 

And I don't even know how I got my dream cigarette lit because "I am afraid of matches and lighters"!  YUP, that's right... I don't even light candles! 

So, there's something that you didn't know about me.  Shhh!  It's a secret!

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