Sunday, September 4, 2011

why doesn't this work for me?

I wish I could play possum... effectively. 

I silently lay upon my pillow, covers pulled up to my nose, and heavy snory breathing.   But it never fails that someone in my family always wakes me up.  On the one day that I get to sleep until 6:45am instead of 5:45am. 

The day I get to play possum... is the day I won't be playing. 

And on that note, I would much rather be stirred awake by someone in my family. 

Sleep is overrated!

Just keep me caffeinated!

Thank you, God, for supplying three McDonald's restaurants in a 2 mile radius so that I may quickly rejuvenate with $1 Diet Cokes and $1 Coffees... all day long!

PS  This possum lives in my fig tree. 

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