Tuesday, September 13, 2011

2. build chrysalis

Autumn is upon us.

Attack your to-do lists. 
Accomplish your lists of someday I will get around to this.
Finish your unfinished projects.

So, DAY 2 is build a chrysalis (this word is so much more fun than "cocoon").
And emerge next spring, as a gorgeous butterfly. 

Or at least a very organized butterfly who needs new projects.  and new lists.  and a new life, perhaps.  ha ha ha. 

I don't know what I was thinking but I have given up all WHITE CARBS.  OH, BROWN CARBS, TOO. 
So, if I seem a bit scattered, delusional, nonsensical -- it is due to the "LACK OF CARBS I CRAVE" effect.

I gave them up ... not to lose weight but to give me more energy.  I tend to eat a lot of carbs, good - bad - or indifferent.  You know, cereal and toast for breakfast.  A sandwich for lunch.  Pasta and a salad for dinner.  So there you have it -- a carb addict in her glory. 

So nary a carb goes into my body unless it is from a vegetable, a bean, or a fruit family.   Not even a whole wheat carb goes into my body. 

And I feel great.  I glow.  I have so much energy I can run neverstopping laps from 5am to 11pm. In fact, I am driving my husband NUTS.  I never sit down.  I should surely be able to build my autumnal chrysalis without any doubt and finish all my projects by the springtime.

So GO FORTH and BUILD your CHRYSALIS with or without CARBS -- it is your choice!  I will be going forth carbless.

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