Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's A BOY!!

The days are shorter ... darkness comes quickly now.   Literally, my days feel shorter.  I need more hours.  A good thirty hours in a day would be sufficient.  24 to do it all.  And the last six to sleep. 

Recently, my long list of "to-do's" did not get accomplished in the daytime hours so the only time to make some progress was to do a few errands in the evening.

1.  Target -- need drawer liner paper
2.  Kohls -- use $10 gift card
3.  Dillards -- return/exchange shoes for littlest little
4.  Academy -- soccer gear
5.  Running shoes for middle little (she wants PINK NIKE -- specifically)
6.  Michaels -- Halloween decor (scarecrows, hay, etc...)

As I was running out the door, darling husband sent two point five children with me, and a cheerful warning, "STICK TO YOUR LIST, NO SURPRISES".  

Me:  "What could I possibly surprise you with?  It's Tuesday for goodness sake!"  {As if the day of the week has anything to do with surprises?!}

So, out the door with two point five girls in tow.
Stop 1.  Check.
Stop 2.  Check.

Oh shit, DETOUR!

SURPRISE!  Look what we found!
Our newest member!  And "It's a BOY!" 

PS  I thought darling husband would be thrilled! 
PPS  I am not sure when we will tell him that it took thirty minutes and five other people to help "find" this poor kitty.

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