Sunday, October 30, 2011


My middle little has a habit of finding a camera and taking photographs. 
Perhaps this is the reason I keep having to replace my camera.

Recently, I was downloading photos -- as all mommies do -- whenever they have a free moment.  I started to browse through the photos and delete the unkeepables because nobody ever needs to see that photo EVER, when I noticed a bunch of photos that I did not recognize or remember snapping.  Photographs of a book, the floor, Peek-a-Shoe the fun toy, the painting on the wall, a scene that stood still from "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" on tv,  my daughter's grin, another daughter's ear, another daughter's mole, a rock... 

Instantly I knew who had the camera!

And I laughed.  My dear hubby and I decided a couple of months ago that we would save most of middle little's personal photographs and make her a photo book someday... so her keepsake would remind her of her love for photography!   Perhaps she will be a photographer!

As I was finishing up the quick edit, my eyes caught a glimpse of this photo (see below) and I could not believe that my THREE year old captured this photo, on her own, no photoshop here -- just her real life photo:

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