Monday, September 14, 2009

Is Age Really Just a Number?

Recently I attended a "Bow Soiree".   A Bow Party.  Hairbows.  Ribbons.  Grosgrain.  Cute.  Preppy.  A lot of PINK.  A lot of cuteness!  Kind of like a cropping party for scrapbookers.  But this one was for hairbow making.  Sharing ribbon mix ideas.  Sharing stories.  All mommies.  No one knew each other prior to this Bow Meeting. 

Well, basically it was just a bunch of mommies with little girls who want to CUTIFY their darlings with the most adorable (= expensive) dresses, shoes, and matching BOWS. 

You can never have too many HAIR BOWS. 

Conversations could be heard:  "You have 105.  Well I must have 110."  "I have two girls.  One with hair.  And one without!"  "I have paid 18 dollars for my most expensive hairbow."  "Well, my most expensive was from Nordstroms and it was on-sale for 15 dollars."  "Does Neimans sell hairbows?"  "How about Boutique B... too cute!?"  And so the three hour conversation went...

Until... the wine started flowing and the conversation veered away from our cutest little girls.  The conversation took a Sharp Right and landed in the DITCH of "Let's Talk About Ourselves"!!! 

So, the Bow Soiree Coordinator happened to enjoy this DITCH of HELL ... as she began (ad nauseum).  She wanted every other woman to know that she was only 23.  Good God, I could be her Mother.  Yup! 

Then another woman spoke up and said, "Well I have you all beat.  I'm 41."   I choked.  And, I silently bowed my head and thanked God for making me look younger.

Two more late twenty-somethings spoke up and claimed their NUMBER.  Hell, they were born while I was sitting in a boring Macroeconomics class. 

A couple of early thirty-somethings proudly announced their NUMBER.  I feel like we're standing in line at the Department of Transportation where you have to have a number before you are helped.  I gulped.  I acted like I was really busy studying ribbon combinations. 

Finally, Bow Soiree Coordinator glanced over at me...  UH-OH!  I'm in denial.  How old should I be?  What number hasn't been taken?  55?  26?  73?  Believable?  Damn smile lines. 

"Hearing you all talk, I thought I was 28!  Then I realized that I am not ... had to add it up because I sure don't feel like I am really 4+!"  


Shit, there go playdates.  Guess they didn't want others to think they were out with their MOM!  

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