Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Excessive Nature

I just drove 3 hours roundtrip to buy ... placemats. Round. Blue. Ruffled. Adorable. Perfect shade. Excellent price.

Shipping was not an option. Even after begging. Pleading. Even after six phone calls to six different sales' associates. Claiming pregnancy, with TWINS, on 90% bedrest. NOT an OPTION.

Regular price would have cost me $80. Yes, that's right. Yikes. How would I explain that charge?

So, I found them on sale. $15. And some change. Total cost for ten.

Gas, miles driven, gallons depleted, vehicle wear and tear... haven't figured those numbers out yet. Probably won't. Probably doesn't even add up to the $65 I saved. Probably still saved. Besides, who cares? And, the bottom line is: I have my beautiful placemats.

I gushed with enthusiasm at my find. The sales' associate remained politely aloof, yet, she wondered ALOUD when my TWINS were due!? [Oops, I would have to get that sales' associate!]

Well, I am currently using my 10% non-bedrest time to buy THESE placemats. The TWINS are due in four weeks (week 36) because the Doctor will induce. AND, I am not showing much since I haven't gained any weight because I have been vomiting for 32 weeks thus far, plus, I just started FAT.

Sales' associate had no further comments as she bid me farewell.

I must buy now because my project date will be beginning soon and I don't want to have to 'ruin' my yearlong experiment by having to splurge on placemats. Which are neither depletable or disposable.

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