Sunday, April 18, 2010

the "Queen of Clean"

I love these books!  The Queen of Clean, aka Linda Cobb, has some great ideas and tips for cleaning almost anything.  The Baking Soda book by Vicki Lansky is also great!

Recently, I used a Queen of Clean tip because my fairly new shower door was showing signs of SOAP SCUM.  The dreaded scum.  The difficult to remove scum.  You can only keep a glass shower door scum-free for so long; even with daily cleaning and squeegeeing.  I tried every product available in the household cleaner aisle.  Expensive, inexpensive, good quality, bad quality, indifferent.  I spent three hours trying different cleaners.  Darling husband had read on the internet to use "oven cleaner" to remove soap scum.  Being almost 6 months pregnant, I didn't want to be around those harsh fumes.  And I knew that darling husband was probably not going to help me experiment. 

So, I referred to the Queen.  She said to use "mineral oil aka baby oil".  How can oil clean soap scum?

You know what, I tried it.  It's a MIRACLE!  And it WORKS!  I have the most beautiful glass shower doors in Texas, I'm sure! (... until the next shower!)

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