Monday, September 27, 2010

recaps of the last six weeks

2.  Our first visit to the Rainforest Cafe

The girls were enamored with the Rainforest and its animals.  I think they were so busy with all the sights and sounds that they could not concentrate on eating!  Afterall, it is a sight-seeing spot.  And a giftshop.  And a bar.  And a Build-A-Bear workshop.  All in one.

So, food was definitely not on the priority list.

Every few minutes, the Elephants would trunk-ese.  The gorillas would ooh-ooh-ese.  The toucans would caw-caw-ese.  The frogs would croak-croak-ese.  The rain would fall.  The alligator would open its mouth.   

The girls tried to toss coins into the alligator's mouth -- kind of like that "hungry, hungry, hippo" game.  They didn't master the coin tossing activity and claimed that the "yakudoshi" still exists.  "When does my "yakudoshi" end?" asked Victoria in a dramatic whiny pleading voice.  I find it difficult to equate "missing the alligator's mouth" with "yakudoshi".  I hardly call that bad luck. 

"I don't know," I respond, "when do you think it started?"

Since our rainforest departure, Petra inquires daily about the rainforest and our return!  And I am not exaggerating about the daily question because she asks at least sixteen times per day!!  And Victoria is still hung up on her bad luck year. 


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