Thursday, September 23, 2010

There's no red hair

I was expecting red hair. 
There is not one red strand.
There is, however, an extraordinary amount of hair.  Black hair.
Long black hair.

Blue eyes.
Blue for now.  Blue forever?

Ten tiny fingers.
Ten tiny toes.

Lanky arms and legs.  Yes, even at birth she has a lankiness about her.

In my August 5th ultrasound I had the tech check one last time for gender.  It was still a girl.  I did not want to be surprised at the last minute.  After the third and final push, I did ask if she was still a she because I was too tired to deal with that kind of "mistake". 

Beautiful soft red skin.  No jaundice.  Ever.  First two babies had a lot of jaundice... and pretty olive/yellow skin.

Eyebrows and eyelashes are very light brown... maybe even a tinge of auburn. 

Oh... and the NOSE. 
Have I mentioned the NOSE?
Have you seen the NOSE?
It was truly a sight those first couple of weeks.  A really big prominent nose.  A nose set in the middle of a very fine featured tiny itty bitty face.  My husband blamed it on my French/American Indian side.  I claimed it was from his Polish/Croatian side.  Poor Girl -- she got the NOSE.  And she is slowly growing into the NOSE.  I immediately set up a "Rhinoplasty" fund.  She has my blessing.

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