Tuesday, September 28, 2010

recaps of the last six weeks

3.  the big brown truck

I received the oddest phone call from the automobile dealer where we purchased one of our vehicles.  Since this happens to be the vehicle I drive most often, I did NOT hang up on this caller.  I actually listened to the caller's shtick.

The dealership has a small supply of preowned vehicles available for purchase.  They are looking for excellent used vehicles to build-up their inventory and lot.  I am proud to announce that I fit into that category!  The dealer wants my vehicle for a trade-in.  I have no accidents on my VIN number.  I have low mileage.  I have a clean vehicle.  I have proven maintenance records.  Wow!  I feel ... very maternal ... toward a piece of sheet metal that emerged from a factory. 


The great big brown truck slammed into my car-ass. 

To ice the cake, we all love a "man in uniform" but too bad for me the brown-uniformed driver was a "she"!

Now who wants my vehicle?

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